Wonders of Barcelona

Tour guide

Wonders of Barcelona

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Col·lecció: Altres

ISBN: 978-84-9034-623-5

Nombre de Pàgines: 28

Nombre d'il·lustracions: 26

Mides: 9,5 x 16 cm

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Data primera edició: Juny del 2017

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Wonders of Barcelona

Tour guide

This miniguide will make it easier for you to identify the 26 most outstanding tourist sites in Barcelona – the ones you simply have to visit. You will find practical details about the places, such as opening times, addresses and forms of contact, as well as some context, with the information you really need. The plastic-coated folding format of the guide means you can carry it in your pocket as you walk around the city without it getting in your way and without it getting damaged.